Helping the Elderly, Invalid, Orphans, Widows & Widowers

The Southgate Foundation is primarily funded through podcasts and marketing services provided by Tony DUrso. We passed out over 141,250 meals, tents, toiletries, water, clothing, and even helped with medical expenses and funerals. Please consider helping. 

Doing God’s Work


meals worldwide


Some of our members calculated that since we started we have passed out 141,250 meals to children and their family’s in poverty areas of the U.S. and the world. When we first started, we created something viral. With your help we can grow that and make an effective difference in this world by helping God’s Children and showing them that God* is here, He does care, and that they will be provided for despite their trying circumstances. We ask nothing of the people we help. A sampling of their pictures show the effort that we put into this.